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Headcanon ficathon!

Well, it's been a while since the Olympics, so I thought I'd throw this here as a fun community event (don't worry, this isn't the summer challenge/contest, I'm still ironing that out).

Welcome to the Kurofai headcanon meme!

What is a headcanon? A headcanon, for those of you not familiar with the terminology, is "An idea, belief, or aspect of a story that is not mentioned in the media itself, but is accepted by either the reader themselves or the fandom in general. If it is confirmed by the author of the story, it becomes canon." (Thanks, urban dictionary!) Examples might include 'Fai has terrible metabolism, his feet get very cold' or 'one of Mokona's 108 techniques is Vibrate Mode' or anything else you feel is true but never confirmed in the text. Not all headcanons are worksafe.

How it works:
  • You leave a comment with one of your Kurofai headcanons. You can do so signed into a dreamwidth account or anonymously, for those of you without dreamwidth accounts/with embarrassing headcanons.
  • Someone else will write a short story based around your headcanon, and post it as a reply to you.

    In short, it works a lot like [community profile] clampkink - but for headcanons rather than kinks!

    Anonymous commenting is enabled, but you do not need to post headcanons/stories anonymously if you don't want to. I'm also going to go ahead and label this post NOT WORKSAFE preemptively, so please be careful browsing where your computer access is monitored! Stories can be as long and short as you like, and as SFW/NSFW as you feel like, or, if you prefer, you can fill with fanart instead - both are excellent. For our rules on threesomes or moresomes, check the comm rules in our profiles.

    That's all the nitty-gritty out of the way - now let's go ahead and share some headcanons!

    Filled Headcanons
    Fai's hands hurt after the tower - filled by [personal profile] cloverfield
    Holitsuba!Fai gives Kurogane finger puppets to help him teach sex ed - filled by Anon
    Fai always could use chopsticks - he just pretended not to as part of his harmless idiot act - filled by [personal profile] eijentu
    Fai doesn't like to sleep alone - filled by Anon
    Tomoyo hand-stitched Fai's furisode herself - filled by [personal profile] ereshkigali
    Fai is disappointed to be alive after Outo - filled by [personal profile] farenmaddox
    Kurogane is an absolute SAP - filled by [personal profile] zelinxia
    When Fai began to suspect what was going on with Ashura, he evacuated the survivors of Ceres to another world, which the travelers then encounter during their journey - filled by Anon
    Kurogane forced Fai to feed the first time in Infinity - filled by [personal profile] farenmaddox
    Kuro-sama likes being tied up - filled by [personal profile] cloverfield
    Yama & Outo - Kurogane realises he's fallen for Fai - filled by [personal profile] rinoa11
    Kurogane had a crush on an older ninja who acted like Fai, who died - filled by [personal profile] zelinxia
    Kurogane is really bad in bed the first time - filled by [personal profile] tsubasafan
    BB!Fai remained friends with the little freckled girl from Ceres - being filled by [personal profile] farenmaddox
    Kurogane expresses his love in subtle ways ("the moon is beautiful tonight," touching just the edge of Fay's sleeve, etc) - filled by [personal profile] zelinxia
    Post-series, Fai needs to hear Kurogane's heartbeat to reassure himself his happiness isn't a dream - filled by [personal profile] uakari
    Fai - real Fai, the one that died - was the older twin - filled by anon
    Fai - real Fai, the one that died - was the older twin - filled by [personal profile] farenmaddox
    Fai feels guilt over Kurogane's scars, and Kurogane thinks he needs to keep them hidden from Fai - filled by [personal profile] ereshkigali
    Kurogane and Fai get married/bonded before the xxxHolic epilogue - filled by [personal profile] caffeine_buzz
    Fai starred in a porn film during the group's travels & had fun - filled by [personal profile] misskirichan
    Kuro-papa survived minus an arm and has been roaming dimensions looking for his son - filled by anon
    Holitsuba - Yuuko & Fay have had sex before - filled by [personal profile] misskirichan
    Holitsuba!Kurogane, Fai, and Yuui are all in a mutually satisfying relationship - filled by [personal profile] misskirichan
    Holitsuba!Kurogane is the first person who hasn't been jealous of Fai and Yuui's closeness - filled by [personal profile] kittenkin
    Kurogane prefers it when Fai tops - filled by [personal profile] xwittychickx
    Fai feels guilt over Kurogane's scars, and Kurogane thinks he needs to keep them hidden from Fai - filled by [personal profile] sotongsotong
    Kurogane is an absolute SAP - filled by anon
    BB!Fai remained friends with the little freckled girl from Ceres - filled by anon
    Kurogane forced Fai to feed the first time in Infinity - filled by [personal profile] sotongsotong

    Unfilled Headcanons
    Kurogane's father trained him the way Kurogane trained Syaoran.
    Kurogane had a case of performance anxiety before he and Fai had sex the first time.
    Kurogane is a virgin. Fay is not.
    Kurogane takes particular notice of how Fai smells. Fai changes soap and Kurogane has to work up the courage to ask him to change it back.
    Fai starts to experience some of Sakura's memories after C!Syaoran stores her feathers in his eye.
    Fai and Yuui were born on a national holiday; this is considered an ill omen for Valeria
    Kurogane accidentally kills his father during the fall of Suwa
    Kurogane & Fai resettle Suwa post-series, and Kurogane grows his hair out like his father
    Kurogane has a well-worn notebook filled with terrible poetry. Fai enjoys flipping through the pages and trying to guess which world each was written in.
    Holitsuba - Kurogane and Fai keep tracking of whose on top with different coloured condoms. Fai steals Kurogane's in order to top more.
    Fai slept around in Ceres (with men and women), but Kurogane is his first steady significant other.
    Holitsuba!Kurogane hums to himself when he's in a good mood.
    Fai is a creature composed out of magic, rather than human.
    Kurogane's conscience sounds A LOT like Tomoyo.
    Kurogane was devastated by Fai's 'good morning, Kurogane'.
    Post-Clow arc: When Sakura and Syaoran went into the tube o'doom, they left their bodies as empty shells on the floor. Touya found them, and moved them into a long-term care wing at a hospital; waiting for their souls to come home again.
    Fai is musically gifted, and every song he plays represents a specific memory/event from his life. Kurogane comes to realize this without Fai knowing it.
    Kurogane is the worst boyfriend ever.
    The other dimensional versions of Chi, Hideki and the twins live happily.
    Fai was a virgin until he met Kurogane because Ashura-ou had some non-fatherly feelings towards him and though he couldn't openly have Fai he could stop others from even thinking of approaching Fai, and none dared to oppose the king.
    Fai is uncomfortable with the Japanese way of bathing where everyone just strips naked and soak together.
    Fai knew that he would live much longer than Kurogane and while traveling with Tsubasa!Shaoran has been trying to find a way for Kurogane and him to share the same lifespan.
    Kurogane is loud in bed.
    Kurogane and Fai shared a tent in Yama; Fai felt dirty after being assaulted by soldiers and begged Kurogane to clean him. They had sex regularly after that.
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    [Wow, this like really spoke to me. I'll try my best. ^w^]

    This was probably the type of death he knew was coming for him. And yet, he didn't want to go out this way. Not when his dear wife was sick, when Suwa province is on the brink of ruin not when his son...


    He told him to wait at home with his mother. To be strong to protect those he cared about. He believed in Youou and the future that will shape him. Too bad he wasn't going to see it for himself.

    All was left was the slipping consciousness and blood pouring out where his arm used to be. Darkness loomed over him as his breathing became shallow. He closed his eyes. Death was all that was waiting for him and yet....


    -"Do you have a wish?"--


    He snapped opened his eyes as the sunlight hit his face. He stared at the ceiling before he blinked; slowly waking up. He groaned as he sat up; a bit wobbly though before he straightened himself up. But that's what happens when one lost a limb. Well, a stump of an arm now.

    How long as it been now? Since he had been traveling in such a manner? Days? Months? Years? He wouldn't know. No matter what world he has gone to, time differs in each one. All he knew though was that he can't stop moving. Not until he found what he was looking for.

    Looking down at the necklace he had obtained, he still had another day or so until he moves on. It glows when it it's time to go. And yet for the past week it had yet to do that. He wondered why. Yawning though, he had to get up and start the day with some training.

    Even without an arm, he can still fight. However, he can no longer remember the place he fought for. It was the price he had to pay in order to get the charm. The memories of his homeland and the people who he had met and befriended....even his own friend and ward---

    He groaned as he held his head, only one step outside his temporary home. He was warned about that. He shouldn't try to remember or else he'll be in pain. A price given cannot be taken back. No exceptions.

    He wondered though how was that mistress doing nowadays.

    "Hey, everyone! Look at blue the ocean is~!"

    Looking up, he saw a trio --and a rabbit thing?-- of men walking along the shores. It was indeed sunny, a perfect day to be out but the way those men were dressed, it's unlike the clothes he quickly got used to.

    They seem to be so carefree despite just wandering around. But the tall one, the short black hair, he looked familiar. Almost like---

    The three must have sensed his presence as they tensed and looked towards him. When the four -five counting the rabbit-- made contact, only two made a reaction.

    The tall one then looked even more familiar but the man before him had wide eyes and was gaping silently; as if trying to comprehend what was going on.

    And frankly, so was he.

    There wasn't doubt in his mind anymore. The look in those red eyes, the spark that he saw years ago in a land that he can't no longer remember, before the death that has been delayed for him. He was certain.

    Yes, he was certain of this among all else.

    Not waiting for the other to speak, he stepped forward and chuckled. "Of all the times I wanted to see you, I rather wouldn't see me like this."

    The taller man pressed his lips into a thin line, thinking and fearing, hoping and shaking. With those identical red eyes looking back, a tear ran down his face as recognition took place. "....F...Father?"

    Ah, finally. Who he was looking for all this time. Softly smiling, he nodded. "Nice to see you son...."



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    ;w; bbys